Children who are healthy perform better in school and in all aspects of life.¹

That’s why VOICES for Alabama’s Children tracks data such as infant mortality, low-weight births, and births to unmarried teens in each county in the Alabama Kids Count Data Book.  VOICES for Alabama’s Children advocates for pro-health legislation at the Alabama Legislature and keeps the public informed about certain issues that affect our children’s health.

We know that children who are healthy learn better. This is why we advocate policy to ensure every child has access to health care, are not exposed to secondhand smoke in public places and has access to healthy food options in their communities.


Because of the hard work of our advocates, Healthy Food Financing has become a reality! The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs received applications for projects that will address the lack of access to healthy food options throughout our state. More than 1.8 million Alabamians, including half a million children, live in communities with little to no access to fresh, healthy food options.

Please take a moment to thank our legislative champions, Sen. Reed and Sen. Singleton, for all their hard work on this issue. We couldn’t have made this a success without their help and without help from advocates like you.

VOICES for Healthy Food Access

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