Christian Crawford

outreach fellow

Christian Crawford is from Birmingham, Alabama. He is a graduating senior at Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) and will be receiving a Bachelor’s in Social Science and Liberal Arts in political science in December of 2018. Crawford was the 2017-2018 president of the AUM Student Government Association and previously served as the vice president and director of communications and media relations. He has also worked with the Higher Education Partnership (HEP), a nonprofit that advocates for the fourteen public universities in the state of Alabama, the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office in Montgomery, Alabama, the Alabama Policy Institute (API) in Birmingham, Alabama, and the Social Justice Learning Institute (SJLI) in Inglewood, California.

In 2015, Crawford conducted an impromptu pray at his high school graduation that went viral across the country, and the world. That prayer led him to be featured in numerous news and media articles, and it also allowed him to appear on local and regional news outlets such as “Good Day Alabama” on Fox 6, “Good Morning America” on Fox and Friends and more.

Crawford has been a motivational speaker for eight years and has been a leader of a nonprofit branch called Be the Change Venture Alabama, a nonprofit that seeks to bridge the gap between the current and the future workforce through networking.Crawford’s end goal is to reach the community, fight for unity, and strive to make a difference one person, one community, and one step at a time.

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