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The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2018 KIDS COUNT Data Book ranks Alabama 42nd in overall child well-being as compared with others states across the nation. Alabama saw improvements in 11 of the 16 indicators and 5 of those were equal to or better than the national average. The 2018 Report ranks Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Alaska, Nevada, Mississippi, Louisiana, and New Mexico lower than Alabama.

Overall child well-being rankings are based on 16 indicators organized into four domains or issue areas. While Alabama showed improvements in each domain, for the second year in a row, Alabama showed improvement in all four economic well-being indicators.

The three indicators that speak to risky teen behavior – teens not in school and not working, teens abusing alcohol and drugs and teen births – also showed significant improvements.

At 2 percent, Alabama ranked 2nd nationally in the number of children without health insurance.

As a state, we must continue to make children a priority and invest in programs that are giving children the best chance to succeed in school and in life.

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