For more than 25 years, VOICES has worked to ensure the well-being of Alabama’s children through research, public awareness and advocacy. Our vision is for all Alabama children to be safe, healthy, educated, and economically secure in order to reach their potential. We must ensure that every child is prepared from birth for school and life. VOICES is a non-partisan voice for Alabama’s children at the Statehouse and throughout the state, and focuses on policy, not politics, while working to improve children’s well-being.


Some of the issues VOICES for Alabama’s Children has worked to address are:

Alabama Kids Count – VOICES’ annual data research project enables the organization to research, document and provide state trends and county level data on the well-being of children in each of Alabama’s 67 counties. 

Healthy Food Financing – For the 1.8 million Alabamians living with low- to no-access to healthy food options, VOICES worked to pass legislation that would create the Healthy Food Financing Initiative: a revolving loan fund that incentivizes food retailers to locate in underserved areas of our state. 

Economic Security – VOICES has worked to reduce generational poverty by educating Alabamians on the impact poverty has on a child, by raising awareness on Alabama’s budget and tax structure, and by advocating for policies and programs that reduce the economic strain on families so they can properly care for their children. 

Advocacy – VOICES has a long history of advocating at the state and local levels on legislative issues that affect children in their everyday lives. We encourage local participation to motivate parents and others to support passage of laws that improve lives of families and children statewide. 

Current Job Listings

Application Process 

To apply, e-mail cover letter, resume and salary requirements to the Search Committee at: [email protected] (e-mail applications are required). For other inquiries please contact Pat Hoban-Moore at [email protected] or any member of the Search Committee listed below. 

VOICES for Alabama’s Children Search Committee:

Alison Scott at [email protected]
Judd Harwood at [email protected]
Lynn Beshear at [email protected]
Marie Blair at [email protected]
Sue McInnish at [email protected]
Tim Wills at [email protected]

VOICES for Alabama’s Children is an equal opportunity employer. Applications from women and persons of color are encouraged. Resume reviews begin immediately. 

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