Let’s Learn More About KIDS COUNT®

What is Kids Count?

KIDS COUNT® is a national and state-by-state project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the largest national foundation dedicated solely to the well-being of children in the United States. The national KIDS COUNT Data Book, which uses the best available data to measure the educational, social, economic and physical well-being of children in each state, was first published in 1990.

Since that time, the Annie E. Casey Foundation has funded a national network of state-level KIDS COUNT® projects that provide a more detailed, county-by-county picture of the condition of children. VOICES for Alabama’s Children is the foundation’s Alabama Kids Count partner. The first annual Alabama Kids Count Data Book was published in 1994.

Advocacy is more powerful when backed by data and evidence. Each year VOICES for Alabama’s Children publishes the Alabama Kids Count Data Book, upon which many rely to get a clear picture of just where the well-being of our children stands. This research allows us to advocate for the unmet needs of our state’s children by identifying and tracking 70 indicators of child well-being. These indicators tell us important issues such as the percentage of children living in poverty and single-parent families, teen birth rates, and more. We aim to create public accountability and the political will to enact policies that help meet the needs of children and families.

What is the Alabama Kids Count Data Book?

Data for the Alabama Kids Count Data Book comes from state agencies, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the American Community Survey. VOICES for Alabama’s Children uses raw data from these sources to develop rates and percentages that can be compared over time and from county-to-county and state-level numbers.

The Alabama Kids Count Data Book always contains the latest data that is available for each Alabama county. Because data collection and reporting has some lag time, the data presented may not be for the current year in which the book is published. It still remains the latest available and comparable data for all counties.

Why is it important?

Alabama Kids Count information is used by nonprofit organizations and state agencies to document needs for programs, and, over time, to document changes in the measures the programs address. Organizations and agencies have reported that Alabama Kids Count has helped them bring millions of dollars in grant-funding to the state.

Alabama Kids Count is used by media when reporting on various children’s issues. Helping to raise public awareness about the multiple issues facing our children and the impact on us all if we do nothing to address these issues.

Alabama Kids Count is used by decision makers. Business developers and public officials use Alabama Kids Count in developing policies and programs both locally and statewide to improve the well-being of Alabama’s children. It serves as both a benchmark and a road map to improving the status of children in Alabama.

Alabama’s kids do count. Find out more in the most recent Alabama Kids Count Data Book.

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