Our Mission

To speak for the well-being of Alabama’s children through research, public awareness, and advocacy.

Our Vision

All Alabama’s children are safe, healthy, educated, and economically secure so that they, their families, and our state can thrive.

At VOICES We Believe…

All Alabama’s Children…

  • deserve to be free from hunger and preventable disease and to receive regular health care.
  • deserve an education that prepares them to meet the future and inspires them to achieve their potential.
  • deserve to grow up free from abuse, violence, and the devastation of alcohol and other drugs.
  • deserve a secure future and to grow up in an economically stable family.
  • deserve to live in a community that affirms their inherent value as members of the human family.

For that vision to become reality for all children in Alabama will take a huge chorus of active voices.

We Are Committed…

As one person, one organization, one vote, and one voice to work for a healthy, safe, and secure childhood for every Alabama child.

Our data tells us that opportunity depends on a number of factors and is not equally distributed in Alabama. Factors such race, income, and geographic location play significant roles in the lives our children lead. Through research and advocacy VOICES seeks to close these gaps to ensure every child in Alabama has a proper opportunity for success.